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If one voice can make a change, 
consider what a million voices could do


Since 2008, National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving has been working to raise awareness of the risks new and inexperienced drivers face each day, and advocate for evidence-based solutions that save lives. 


Every year thousands of teen lives are cut short from car crashes, and thousands more suffer life altering injuries. Sadly, the majority of these crashes could have been prevented.  But it's not just teens who are dying on our roads. The breadth and scope of traffic safety initiatives goes well beyond teen safety. NFTSD is proud to be expanding our work to address other traffic and pedestrian safety issues.

While there are many factors that can contribute to crash and fatalities, human error is the constant variable that plays a part in the majority of crashes.  The auto industry has made great strides in advanced driver assistance technology, and one day fully automated cars that drive us will become a reality.  Until that time, and even with new technology, individual behavior and human error will continue to be the primary factors leading to a crash. We’ve studied the facts and we know of evidence-based strategies that can prevent these tragedies. But we can’t assume that everyone else does. That is why we launched this campaign

Through the generous support of individuals like you, NFTSD is able to manage all aspects of the campaigns, and makes campaign materials available to everyone at no charge.  Your support of this important initiative can have a positive impact in local communities nation-wide.

Your generosity makes all of this possible.

Please donate today.

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