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Click first, then drive.  It can save your life.

... that 47% of the 

37,133 people killed

in motor vehicle crashes in 2017

were unrestrained?

Did you know ...

It's a big deal...

... because unbuckled passengers in rear seats are nearly eight times as likely to be hurt in a crash and their unbelted bodies can become dangerous projectiles, potentially hurting front-seat passengers.

In a crash, an unbuckled rear-seat passenger can become a human projectile that could hit the front seats and their occupants with a brutal force that could push a driver into the steering wheel with devastating consequences. In such cases, the driver is twice as likely to be killed.

Worse than that is the chance of being ejected from the vehicle. The most common cause of ejection is not wearing a seat belt. Drivers or passengers who fail to wear a seat belt may be thrown forward through the windshield due to the force of the accident. A person can also be ejected through the side window or out a car door during a serious crash.

They're doing it

The safest choice you can make as a driver or passenger is to always buckle up. If you don’t buckle up, you not only jeopardize your safety, but also the safety of the driver, your fellow passengers, and possibly others.

Will you make a promise too? 

I promise

  • To always wear my seat belt while driving or as a front or backseat passenger in any vehicle.

  • As a driver, I will not operate a vehicle until all passengers are properly secured

  • As a passenger I will remind and encourage all those riding with me to do the same.

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