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They're getting the keys to a car! 

Parents and guardians are play an important role in helping teens develop safe driving habits.  Admittedly it can be a challenging time for both the learner and the parent, but you can do it.  Start with a promise to be a coach with love, patience and support. Encourage practice driving to help develop the skills and confidence they will need to safely operate a vehicle under all driving conditions.  Have open and honest conversations about their driving privileges, the rules and the consequences.  Most importantly, lead by example.


National Safety Council developed an easy to use step-by-step plan to work with your teen to prioritize driving and passenger safety. It’s important to remember privileges come with responsibilities.  Parents play an important role in helping their young drivers develop good driving habits that begins with leading by example. 


National Safety Council reminds parents:


  • Stay Strict

  • You Be the Judge

  • Stay Involved

Above all, promise to do this in a loving and supportive manner.

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