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Spring driving tips

Spring is just around the corner, and that means longer days and warmer weather. Spring also means no more snow- and ice-covered roads (hurrah!).

Since we don’t have to worry about sliding on slick roads or getting stuck in snowstorms, most drivers assume that better weather makes for safer driving conditions.

Spring brings a number of new hazards to the road that drivers need to pay attention to, and this article will address some of the most important points to remember to ensure you and your family arrive safely, including: 

  1. Potholes that form during winter months can damage your vehicle and cause accidents. We will look at how to identify and minimize damage during your drive. 

  2. Sun glare is a serious concern for many drivers. We will look at how to maintain your car to minimize sun glare and other items to help keep you safe. 

  3. Increased motorcycles and bicyclists with warmer weather could mean more risk of injury. We will discuss several simple and effective tips to keep everyone safer on the roads. 

  4. Careful driving in neighborhoods is necessary as more children will be out playing and could dart into the roads without warning. 

  5. More wildlife activity, especially in rural areas, means that you need to pay more attention to the road to avoid hitting animals while driving. 

  6. Frequent rainstorms bring beautiful flowers but standing water also makes the roads slick and could hurt your eyes. We will discuss several ways to drive safer and reduce eye strain while driving. 

Before you jump into your car to enjoy the season, it’s important to make yourself aware of the dangers spring driving so that you don’t end up in a potentially hazardous situation.

New Seasons, New Dangers To Be Aware Of​​

Courtesy of Chris Giarratana, Safety Resource Center/Traffic Safety Store
Chris is a Digital Marketing Consultant in Orlando, FL. He delivers blog writing services for small businesses and researches about emerging traffic safety technologies for TSS

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