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Test Your Skills

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Lifelong Driver was introduced in 2011 by ADEPT Driver, the creator of teenSMART, a teen driver safety program proven to reduce teen-driver crashes.

After years of extensive research, the Lifelong Driver team of leading scientists, doctors and traffic-safety experts has identified the five major causes of age-related collisions:

  • 1  Judging safe gaps in traffic, especially when making left-hand turns at intersections

  • 2  Determining adequate distances from other vehicles when merging and making lane changes

  • 3  Detecting hazards and dealing with distractions while driving

  • 4  Identifying and remembering relevant objects while driving

  • 5  Dealing with complex driving environments, like busy intersections and parking lots

If you or someone you know has trouble with any of these issues, or could benefit from maintaining or improving these skills, Lifelong Driver can help.

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