The long-awaited return of summer is finally here. Summertime is typically the time of year for outdoor activities, a family vacation or a planned break from our daily routines.

This summer will be different.

Our world has been turned upside down from a pandemic.  As a result, we may see fewer cars on the road, but that doesn’t lessen the risks associated with summertime driving. Staying safe and making smart choices, on and off the road, is more important than ever.

Each week throughout the summer, we're going to select a new "Did you know ..." reminder that will share facts, tips and insights of the heightened risks and the proven ways to avoid them.  This is a great tool - especially for parents of new or soon to be drivers - to help you keep the conversation going all summer long.  


Is never on vacation.  Tips for new drivers and parents

Vehicle Maintenance

You may be ready for your road trip, but is your car ready?

Distracted Driving

News Flash: We’re all distracted drivers

Dog Days of Summer

Extreme heat can pose a danger to your loved ones and even your car.  



And don't forget this summer

Do it in the backseat

Drowsy Driving

It’s better to crash into a nap than to nap into a crash


Drinking and Driving

When packing the cooler don’t forget to leave room for good judgment


Fewer cars doesn’t mean faster speeds. Slow down if you want to enjoy the entire summer 

Summer may be ending, but good driving behaviors are the key to safety all year long

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